Non-fibrous material noise barrier:
Material:Non-fibrous material
Fiber sound-absorbing material and non-fiber sound-absorbing material contrast:
  1、Fiber sound-absorbing material
  (1) The main material:Centrifugal glass wool、Rock wool
  (2)Advantage:Using a wide range, good sound-absorbing effect, low price
  (3) Shortcoming:Defects in wet accumulation shedding vibration environment
  2、Non-fiber sound-absorbing material
  2.1、Ordinary material class:
  (1)The main material:Perlite, ceramic, ceramic foam
  (3) Shortcoming:Sound-absorbing effect is generally
  2.2、Top-of-the-line material
  (1)The main material:Foam aluminum, the microporous aluminum, lightweight foam
  (2) Advantage:Sound-absorbing effect, long life, anti-aging does not fall off
  (3) Shortcoming:High prices
Non-fibrous sound barrier
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