High speed railway noise barrier:
Specification: 2000 x500x (140 or 117);2000 x450x (140 or 117)2000 x430x (140 or 117);Units: mm
Sound insulation quantity£º>40db
  Sound absorption coefficient£º>0.74
Production capacity is 5000 m2 punching and shearing and 1500 m2 molding of high speed railway noise barriers.
High speed railway noise barriers have the following features:
1¡¢Good appearance: Many kinds of colour and modelling are available for combination and collocation. Coordination with the surrounding environment;
2¡¢Economical: fabricated construction, improve work efficiency, and shorten the construction time and lower the cost of the project;
3¡¢ Practicability: this product adopts new material and technology, has good sound insulation effect, can effectively reduce the noise pollution when the train passes;
4¡¢Durability: water resistance, heat resistance, anti-ultraviolet ray, ?used in a variety of climate and weather;
Example of High speed railway noise barriers' installation:
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